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Cast Scale Models
7127 Hessen Cassel Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46816

Phone +1 260.740.8704

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We are not currently taking deposits or orders. Our virtual storefront is not open, yet! Please call or email with any questions.

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Cast Scale Models sell display accessories and museum quality replicas for the construction die cast enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner modeler or advanced, Cast Scale Models can help fill your modeling needs.

Our Very Own Liebherr LR 13000 Model

Ours is a faithful reproduction of the real machine that plays such an important role in construction.

Why 1:50 scale?

The construction models we carry are almost always made in 1:50 scale, largely because the cranes at this scale are often three to four feet tall when fully extended and a larger scales would be ungainly for display.

Cast Scale Models Offer:

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Scale Cast Models sell adult collectibles that are not intended for children. All prices shown are USD Die Cast Models may be in limited supply or may be in back ordered status. Shipping occurs on ordered items within a day of arrival.